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(27. 11. 2013)

Diskuse: Evropská energetika na rozcestí. Jak v ní obstojí ta česká?

The energy is Currently going through Difficult Times - in the past Introduced regulatory tools Unfortunately, with the passage of time Brings contradictory effects. Member States to put in a position of Where They have great Difficulty Finding Their Way to Their Own national energy policy, as Thea face uncertainty Which direction the energy sector at European level as well. What is the correct way to functioning single energy market in Europe and how it Can succeed Czech energy in the current unstable and non-market conditions Were the main questions sought to answer That the experts at a conference Organized by the Institute
for Public Discussion of a series of energy security of the country.

ACCORDING to most experts, the current number of contradictory regulatory Often Measures in direct conflict with the competitiveness of the whole EU. Very sharply against the current European energy policy Defined political scientist and economist Peter Robejšek: "Political efficiency Although the EU is not enough to IMPLEMENT a European energy policy, but it is not high enough Clearly to bring member states Into More Trouble Than They already have. " EU Member Countries an except Germany, ACCORDING TO HIM, can not afford to go Currently ITS own energy path, but it must At least try.

ACCORDING TO Ivo Hlaváč, director of public affairs company ČEZ, it is Necessary to Reflect on the EU compatible regulatory instruments. "It is Necessary to simplify the instrument with the wearing nekanibalizovaly That, as is the case for example in the system of emission trading Allowances and subsidies for Renewable Energy Which are Incompatible in practice, " He Said. He stressed That Also it is not possible Currently to invest in low-carbon sources without legislative framework and without state aid. As an example, the UK, Which Supports the building of nuclear power plants would be guaranteed fixed prices (Contract for Difference), a mechanism Which is being Considered as well as in the Czech Republic.

Possible Investments in future sources of energy Also talked Pavel Gebauer, director of the Energy Section of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. "If we want to Develop carbon-free sources, we have a choice renewables or core. Neither Of These alternatives, but not without a support system. One of the ways They are guaranteed fixed prices Eliminate That market risk volatility of electricity prices, " Said Paul Gebauer.

The topic of Discussion Contribution Tomas Víška, partner of consulting firm McKinsey Were new challenges to reduce Emissions beyond the 2020 horizon " The world changes will have to Occur, particularly When it comes to burning fossil fuels That generate 60-70% of Emissions " Víšek warned. He added That the Czech energy withstand European competition if it Finds a social consensus on the need to focus on nuclear energy and the payment for it. "With Which of course goes hand in hand with core support from the public," added Víšek. 

At a meeting was Discussion Also Attended by the former Minister of Industry Martin Kuba, WHO emphasized at the outset That the terms of competition and regulation to contradict Themselves, while the EU is now proceeds through regulation. "The detachment energy from the economy and the shift in the political level Rather ideovoua coming at the wrong time When the EU as a whole is losing competitiveness, moreover, When We the promote economically disadvantageous actions, " Said Martin Kuba. As an example of droughts and step Mentioned support for photovoltaic power plants in the Czech Republic. The Future of Renewable Sees investment in research and finding meaningful resources and not on subsidizing inefficient technologies.



Discussion Cycle Energy Security Institute has Organized a public debate (IVD) in cooperation with the weekly The Economist. Professional partner Discussion meeting the Czech Technical University in Prague. Media partners are weekly The Economist and the daily newspaper. Discussion partners are meeting CEZ Group and CEPS.


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